Haunted Places in Tennessee!

The most haunted places in Tennessee! List of the top haunted places in Tennessee for paranormal investigations and scary experiences!

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  • The town of Adams, TN was the site of the Bell Witch haunting, as well as the Bell Witch Cave. Townspeople (even in modern times) have reported seeing strange occurrences, including seeing a little girl in a green dress who disappears shortly after being seen. This is a common apparitional state in which the Bell Witch chooses to be seen.
  • The Carnton Mansion in Franklin, Tennessee was used as a hospital for Confederate Soldiers during the Civil War. Many of the deceased here were buried in mass graves. Several of their apparitions have been seen, heard and even felt here. Among them is the white apparition of a woman who appears on the back porch.
  • Back in the Sixties and Seventies when it was still known as Hendersonville High School, Ellis Middle School was haunted by ghostly footsteps and random apparitions. Students once described the apparition of a dark coachman on the location. The Seventies TV-Series “That’s Incredible” once considered a segment on the hauntings but passed it over for other projects.
  • The Isaac Franklin Plantation in Gallatin, best known as Fairvue, is reported as haunted by the ghost of a Union Officer and a little girl on a tricycle. Three families have lived here and it was once used as a Civil War Hospital.
  • The Loretta Lynn’s Plantation House and the area surrounding Hurricane Mills, Tennessee are both said to be haunted by the founders of the plantation and its town. There have been unexplained reports of Civil War soldiers walking and camping around the town and near the plantation. In 2011, the Ghost Adventures crew conducted an investigation inside the house, and aired the episode of the Loretta Lynn Plantation House, during which the crew observed a significant amount of unusual activity.
  • The Orpheum Theatre in Memphis is haunted by the ghost of a small girl who was killed in a car accident in front of the theater. She appears in Seat C5 watching the performances and around the structure. In 1979, a parapsychology class from the University of Memphis found evidence of six more ghosts on the location.
  • Built in Kingsport, Tennessee in 1818, Rotherwood Mansion is haunted by the ghost of a “Lady In White.” She’s believed to be Rowena Ross, the daughter of the builder of the house. She supposedly returns looking for her true love who drowned on the Holston River.
  • Also known as the Grand Ole Opry House, Ryman Auditorium was originally built as a church, but years of music concerts here made the location the home of Country Music in the United States. Many believe the location is haunted. Footsteps have been heard, doors close and the voice of Hank Williams Sr. has been heard singing his old songs. Others have described the image of a Confederate Soldier on the premises.
  • The Sheraton Read Hotel in Chattanooga is reportedly haunted by the ghost of Lisa Netherly, who was murdered by her husband as she was meeting her lover for a secret tryst. She is said to haunt her former room and to jump into bed with male guests who check in alone.
  • Tennessee High School in Bristol, TN is haunted by former students and a phantom locomotive that roars over the gym and down the hall. Part of the school was reportedly built over forgotten railroad tracks.
  • Tennessee State Prison is supposed to be haunted. A former warden describes odd voices, strange sounds and disembodied footsteps. The location was used in the movie The Green Mileand also elaborated on in the TV-Series, “Celebrity Paranormal Project.”
  • The Woodruff-Fontaine House in Memphis is supposedly haunted by the ghost of Molly Woodruff. She has been seen and felt in the Rose Room which was once her bedroom. The location is now a museum, and one docent once heard Molly’s voice say, “My bed doesn’t go there.” Others have sensed cigar smoke in the old mansion they can’t explain. Note:  Local investigators have informed me this might be a tourist trap.  Please be advised.

Info courtesy of Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_reportedly_haunted_locations_in_the_United_States


  1. Jennifer says

    Hello! I will be moving to tenn in a week! I’m coming from AZ.. I have awesome photos of tombstone AZ I would like to share! Email me if you would like to discuss my findings! See you soon!

    • Alejandro Dominguez says

      Awesome Jennifer. I’ll try to setup a place where people can share pics on the site. I’ll remember to tell you when it’s ready!

  2. megan says

    There are sure to be ghost inloudon city tn
    Some dont believe in this type of thing but i was once a none believer until recently
    When i went to a place they call coochie buger and i went and sat on the bench aside the huge house’s outside well there i hear several voices and unnoticeable things being said i couldn’t make out on my way out i found a grave yard said to have a tombstone the glows red on a full moon I’ve yet to see that myself yet i get this bad feeling everytime i go my car dies oon me every time i try to leave the grave yard someone should check it out whos more experienced than myself.

    • Alejandro Dominguez says

      Definitely trust your instincts. If you get a bad feeling at a haunted location it is best to stay away. Sounds pretty intense, especially since it also causes your car to die too.

  3. Mathew Ambrose says

    Old South Pittsburgh Hospital & Rippavilla are two great locations for the paranormal. I’ve been to both, & can safely say both are almost too easy!

  4. Autumn Monroe says

    ive always wanted to investigate and see what its like. Ive always had urges just to do it.

  5. Leslie Hawkins says

    I live in Jonesborough, TN and only a few minutes from downtown. It’s the oldest city in TN and the entire area is haunted. Especially The Chester Inn, which is now a museum.

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