Haunted Places in Louisiana!

The most haunted places in Louisiana! List of the top haunted places in Louisiana for paranormal investigations and scary experiences!

List of most haunted places in Louisiana, USA.
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  • Magnolia Plantation (Derry, Louisiana) is a former plantation in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana. The site was declared a National Historic Landmark in 2001. Included in the Cane River Creole National Historical Park, Magnolia Plantation is also a destination on the Louisiana African American Heritage Trail. Reportedly haunted by spirits of residents of the main house and of slaves who practiced Voodoo, Magnolia Plantation has been featured on the Travel Channel series Ghost Adventures. Scariest Places on Earth also sent two families to spend the night here.
  • The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville is reportedly haunted by a slave known as Chloe. Chloe was put to death by the other slaves after she intentionally or unintentionally killed at least some members of her master’s family with oleander leaves put in a cake. The other slaves possibly killed her to prevent punishment by their master. It has been called by some one of the most haunted homes in America.
  • Alexandria Zoological Park (Alexandria, LA) reports that the former owner, Les, still hauntds the site. It was featured in Ghost Hunters.
  • Old U.S. Mint (New Orleans, LA) reports that a Civil War era man was thrown off the balcony and hung. They say Poor Mr. Mumford can be seen in the lobby and the roof.
  • Haunted Mortuary (New Orleans, LA) has nine known resident ghosts. For 80 years was an actual mortuary at the dead end of Canal Street. Huge site over 14,000 sq ft and a 3-story mansion.
  • Brennan’s Restaurant (New Orleans, LA) is a very popular restaurant with a dark past. The original owner Brennan died of a heart attack on site. A man named Lefleur killed his son and hung himself in the Red Room upstairs. They say when Paul Blange, a former chef passed away, he decided to say at the restuarant in the after life.  The Red Room is available for rent.

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