Haunted Places in Alabama!

The most haunted places in Alabama! List of the top haunted places in Alabama for paranormal investigations and scary experiences!

List of most haunted places in Alabama, USA
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  • Adams Grove Presbyterian Church and adjacent cemetery in Dallas County, allegedly the site of multiple paranormal events. Has been studied by several paranormal research groups.
  • Auburn University Chapel on the Auburn University campus in Auburn was used as a Civil War hospital. It is allegedly haunted by a Confederate soldier named Sydney Grimlett.
  • The Boyington Oak in Mobile, a Southern live oak that reportedly grew from the grave of Charles Boyington in the potter’s field just outside the walls of Church Street Graveyard. Boyington was tried and executed for the murder of his friend, Nathaniel Frost, on February 20, 1835. He stated that a tree would spring from his grave as proof of his innocence.
  • Former site of the C. C. Pegues House on Pine Street in Cahaba. Numerous sightings of a ghostly orb in a now-vanished garden maze.
  • The Dr. John R. Drish House in Tuscaloosa, the tower has been reportedly seen on numerous times to be on fire, when no fire was actually there. Also, ghostly lights are said to have been seen emanating from house.
  • Gaineswood in Demopolis, reportedly haunted by the ghost of a former housekeeper from Virginia. She was in charge of the daily running of the house for General Whitfield after the death of his wife. Her ghost supposedly plays the piano in the music room.
  • The Harrison Cemetery in Coffee County, said to be haunted by the dancing ghost of Grancer Harrison.
  • Kenworthy Hall near Marion, the fourth floor tower room is alleged to be haunted by the ghost of a young woman who sits in a window awaiting the return of a lover who died during the American Civil War.
  • Site in the town of Newton, allegedly featured a hole that would not remain filled with soil. Said to be the where Bill Sketoe was lynched, after he allegedly deserted the Confederate Army or aided Union troops.
  • Edmund King House on the University of Montevallo campus in Shelby County. Reported to be the site of phantom lights, the sound of footsteps, and other unexplained noises.
  • Oakleigh in Mobile, said to be haunted by a female ghost in the front parlor and to also have poltergeist-like activity in other parts of the mansion, including furniture moving by itself, disembodied voices, and shadow figures.
  • Pickens County Courthouse in Carrollton is alleged to be haunted by the ghost of a former slave, Henry Wells, who was lynched by a mob after being accused of burning down the second county courthouse. Soon afterward the ghostly image of a face appeared in an upper window of the new third county courthouse, to profess Wells’ innocence. Supposedly every windowpane in the courthouse was broken in a hailstorm one year, except for that pane.
  • Pratt Hall at Huntingdon College in Montgomery, reportedly haunted by a Red Lady. Huntingdon was originally a Methodist female college and the Red Lady is alleged to be the ghost of a lonely girl who committed suicide.
  • The Richards DAR House in Mobile, reportedly the site of disembodied laughter, the singing of childlike voices, and a ghostly figure that appears in an upstairs bedroom window.
  • Rocky Hill Castle, site of a former plantation near Courtland, is purported to be haunted by a “lady in blue”, ghosts of Civil War soldiers, and the ghosts of tortured slaves. Prior to its destruction, it was also alleged that knocking and banging of unknown origin occurred in the house.
  • Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham is allegedly haunted by workers who died there in its time as a working blast furnace. It was investigated on the TV series Ghost Adventures.
  • Sturdivant Hall in Selma is purported to be haunted by the ghost of the second owner, John McGee Parkman. Parkman, imprisoned byReconstruction authorities for alleged embezzlement, died during an escape attempt from Cahaba Prison in 1867.
  • Sweetwater Mansion in Florence, Alabama may still have many of its former residents around. This home, begun in 1828, has seen much history and it was here that Union and Confederate officers stayed during their respective occupations of the city during the Civil War. Activity including children’s laughter, moving objects and numerous apparitions has been investigated by local paranormal groups and the team from the television show, Paranormal State.
  • The Tombigbee River near Pennington is reportedly haunted by the ghost ship Eliza Battle. The ship is supposed to return during especially cold, stormy nights to warn of impending disaster.
  • Likewise, the former captain of the James T. Staples reportedly appears near the site of that disaster at Bladon Springs.
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