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Paranormal Investigation Equipment and Ghost Hunting Gear Under $40

Tonight I cover paranormal investigation equipment and ghost hunting gear that won't break the bank. I share about IR lights, my digital recorder, and some handy camera equipment. Great thing is that some of this gear is pretty cheap and it is all … [Read More...]

Abanoned Place:s Pottsville School (Urban Exploration)

Recently I explored an abandoned school on the way to an investigation. I found more than I expected. I found the ghost of a town forgotten. … [Read More...]

Ghost Hunting Alone on Creepy Hainted Farm

Ghost Hunting Alone on a Creepy Haunted Farm! New video footage from Dead Explorer Episode 46: The Cursed Farm! Ghost Rewind is the paranormal show where we look back at old Dead Explorer videos. This is 100% never before seen new footage! … [Read More...]